02 June 2014

The Backing Singer

illustration for The Guardian weekly column: What I'm Really Thinking ...

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'Late Worms' Gift Bags

In today's post : very nicely produced bags using my 'Late Worms' design - another quality product from Urban Graphic coming soon to a gift shop near you ...

Very Early Birds - postcards

Just arrived - courtesy of the highly discerning folk at Urban Graphic, postcards of my print, 'Very Early Birds.'

16 April 2014

The Ghost Writer

A black and white Illustration for this week's 'What I'm really thinking ...' in the Guardian Weekend Magazine ...
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Tattoo's for Urban Graphic

8 designs for a new range of (con)temporarary tattoos which arrived in today's post, courtesy of Urban Graphic. 
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01 April 2014

Serena Williams

Here's yesterday's illustration for The Guardian Sport: Serena Williams - Tennis's greatest warrior-queen

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Mr B & B

I did this illustration a couple of years ago for the Guardian Weekend Mag:  'the bed & breakfast owner.' Seems fitting enough for submitting to this week's Illustration Friday topic: 'Sizzle' ...

18 March 2014

The Dinner Lady

This weeks illustration for The Guardian Weekend Magazine - What I'm Really Thinking: the Dinner Lady.

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