02 June 2014

The Backing Singer

illustration for The Guardian weekly column: What I'm Really Thinking ...

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'Late Worms' Gift Bags

In today's post : very nicely produced bags using my 'Late Worms' design - another quality product from Urban Graphic coming soon to a gift shop near you ...

Very Early Birds - postcards

Just arrived - courtesy of the highly discerning folk at Urban Graphic, postcards of my print, 'Very Early Birds.'

16 April 2014

The Ghost Writer

A black and white Illustration for this week's 'What I'm really thinking ...' in the Guardian Weekend Magazine ...
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Tattoo's for Urban Graphic

8 designs for a new range of (con)temporarary tattoos which arrived in today's post, courtesy of Urban Graphic. 
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01 April 2014

Serena Williams

Here's yesterday's illustration for The Guardian Sport: Serena Williams - Tennis's greatest warrior-queen

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Mr B & B

I did this illustration a couple of years ago for the Guardian Weekend Mag:  'the bed & breakfast owner.' Seems fitting enough for submitting to this week's Illustration Friday topic: 'Sizzle' ...

18 March 2014

The Dinner Lady

This weeks illustration for The Guardian Weekend Magazine - What I'm Really Thinking: the Dinner Lady.

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11 March 2014

Work in progress - Two Cats

Over the last few weeks I've been wrestling with this image that will eventually become a new print. Depicting a pair of cats upon a mat, I think it's getting there although not sure how I am to eventually decide upon a final colour palette, let alone a title ...

Here is the story so far:


09 March 2014

The Life Model

Here's this weeks illustration for the Guardian Weekend Magazine - What I'm Really Thinking: The Life Model. 

On reading the article, it seemed a wasted opportunity not to draw reference to a certain part of this mans anatomy ... it took a little while to discover that the solution was to be found in the depiction of a humble bulldog clip!

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25 February 2014

Rocket Rush - Greeting card and wrapping paper for Imaginary Press

This weeks Illustration Friday submission for the word: Space

To see the full range, further information and prices, please visit Imaginary Press

The Peruvian Gastronomic Revolution

This weeks illustration for The Economist - Bello column.
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10 February 2014

The Grove Of Wild Beasts

This weeks Illustration Friday submission for the word: Prehistoric.

'The Grove of Wild Beasts' is 1 of a set of 4 prints inspired by the history, architecture and landscape of Deerhurst in Gloucestershire. To see the full set and for more information, please visit my Etsy shop

Bello - new column for the Economist

Starting this week I will be illustrating the new weekly column for the Economist, Bello. Named after AndrĂ©s Bello (1781-1865), a Venezuelan-born polymath, educator, writer and diplomat, the column  will give in depth coverage of Latin America, acting as a tribute to the region’s expanding weight in the world. 

This week's illustration: Dilma's Tight Skirt

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31 January 2014

A Prattle of Parrots

Here's an image that (sort of) fits this weeks Illustration Friday topic ... Exotic

Available as a print from my Etsy shop - click here for details

20 January 2014

War on Doping in Sport - Today's Guardian Sport illustration ...

"... God honest values and a colt 45 only go so far when your gun is not fully loaded, you haven't enough staff and you don't always have jurisdiction."

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17 January 2014

Rhino Horn Traficking - illustration for this weeks edition of The Economist

" ... Rhino horn can fetch up to $50,000 per kilogram, more than gold or the American street value of cocaine. Get caught bringing a kilogram of cocaine into America and you could face 40 years in prison and a $5m fine. On January 10th, by contrast, a New York court sentenced a rhino-horn trafficker to just 14 months."

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06 January 2014

The Deselection of Monty Panesar

Illustration for the Guardian Sport, Barney Ronay column

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