18 March 2014

The Dinner Lady

This weeks illustration for The Guardian Weekend Magazine - What I'm Really Thinking: the Dinner Lady.

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11 March 2014

Work in progress - Two Cats

Over the last few weeks I've been wrestling with this image that will eventually become a new print. Depicting a pair of cats upon a mat, I think it's getting there although not sure how I am to eventually decide upon a final colour palette, let alone a title ...

Here is the story so far:


09 March 2014

The Life Model

Here's this weeks illustration for the Guardian Weekend Magazine - What I'm Really Thinking: The Life Model. 

On reading the article, it seemed a wasted opportunity not to draw reference to a certain part of this mans anatomy ... it took a little while to discover that the solution was to be found in the depiction of a humble bulldog clip!

Read the full article here.